Trenker reveals a new logo for 2020!

Laboratoires Pharmaceutiques Trenker has started 2020 with a re-design of their logo. Their new corporate identity is more streamlined, more modern.

Can you imagine what the Laboratoires Trenker logo looked like in 1933 and 1990?

Here it is:

logo trenker 1933

Rodolphe Henri Trenker founded the company in 1933. What started as a chemist’s shop became a laboratory which developed food supplements and medicines from the 1970s to the present day. 

In 1990, a third generation of Trenkers took over and developed a new logo. The corporate identity evolved in response to contemporary design trends. You know this logo - it has represented the Trenker brand image for 30 years. 



And today?

bauhaus movementFor two years, Trenker has been building up the resources it needs to grow its activities, with new headquarters at Nivelles offering a massive increase in production capacity.

This new image is part of a determination to emphasise our laboratory’s modern character and focus on quality. Indeed, it was our new building’s architecture which inspired our graphic designer. She was struck by the building’s evocation of the Bauhaus Movement, an artistic movement born at the start of the 20th century and mainly recognised for its architectural achievements.

Those streamlined, geometrical, modern qualities have found their way into our corporate identity, in particular with the use of the Bauhaus typography.

Want to discover our new logo?

We are unveiling it in this video! We hope you enjoy watching it!

Download our new logo here.