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Weight loss after the holidays


Components in tea or Camellia sinensis, such as caffeine or theaflavins, are particularly beneficial as a supplement to a healthy and well-balanced weight-loss programme. A great detox boost that will leave you energised.

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How to avoid stress?


At this time of year, many students find themselves struggling with stress. What with the vast amounts of information to retain, the hours spent concentrating, lack of sleep and exams, it can be difficult to cope with fatigue, anxiety and stress. What can we do to avoid this vicious circle and not succumb to stress? 

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Signature of a distribution contract in China


Trenker Laboratories has signed with Lotus International a distribution agreement during the signing ceremony of the Princess Mission in Shanghai last week.

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How to beat the blues the natural way?


As we enter the last months of the year, and the days get shorter, it is not unusual to start feeling down. Low morale, melancholy, lack of interest, gloom and imbalances of all kinds become part of everyday life. To avoid falling into depression it is best to take action, and natural solutions are at hand to help.

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How to treat these seasonal ailments? 


As soon as it gets colder, winter ailments come knocking at the door, often sending young and old to the doctor. Sore throats, ear infections, stuffed or runny nose... What is the best way to treat these irritating symptoms so you don't miss school or work?

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Beautiful hair? We tested vitamins and keratin!


It is a known fact: when the seasons change, our hair can tend to become thinner and lack vitality and temporarily start falling out. This natural phenomenon is aggravated by stress, temporary fatigue, the aggressive rays of the sun in summer and swimming in the sea.

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Everything you need to know about the health benefits of turmeric


Did you know that turmeric root extract (Curcuma longa L) has been used in Asia, and more particularly in India, for its multiple health benefits for more than 2000 years? Several international studies have demonstrated the efficacy of turmeric in several fields, including joint function.

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Trenker March


The employees of Laboratoires Trenker organised their own Pink March, held during the lunch break. The aim: to support the fight against breast cancer and promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The march in images.

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Trenker Laboratories participate in the Pink March!


Employees of Trenker Laboratories support the fight against breast cancer by participating in the Pink March organized by Pink Ribbon from May 1 to 31, 2019.

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Coenzyme Q10 and migraines


Coenzyme Q10 and migraines Migraines are not normal headaches. The World Health Organisation classifies migraines among the top 20 illnesses with a negative impact on sufferers’ quality of life.

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