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Our company are looking for a Digital & Content Officer


The successful candidate will hold the post of Product Manager and will have Marketing responsibilities for one of the company’s flagship product ranges.

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Limited edition : Alline procap in pink !


By wrapping the Alline procap box in pink, from September to December 2021, Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories hope to encourage a dialogue on breast cancer, prevention, screening and patient support.

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New look for the "mobility" range of Trenker !


Have you noticed? Much packaging in our "mobility" range has changed its look in 2020!

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Why choose Trenker products ?


Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories are giving you a ten-point breakdown of what they bring to food supplements.

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Our natural solutions for boosting your immune system*


Over the winter period, our immune systems need a boost. That’s why it’s so important to take care of our bodies’ natural defences: so they can keep on playing their vital role.

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Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories support Pink Ribbon in the fight against breast cancer


Since 2018, Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories have developed numerous projects with the Pink Ribbon organisation, recognised worldwide in the fight against breast cancer.

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Essentials for our skin


With the change of season, our skin deserves all our attention. Whether dry, oily, combination, young or mature, the skin has essential needs. Discover now all our tips to enjoy a radiant complexion.

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Mobilityl Max, the new food supplement for your joints*


Have you always enjoyed being active? Who says you have to stop? Mobilityl Max is a natural food supplement that helps maintain joint flexibility*.

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Trenker, an impressive multi-purpose production site


The building houses two dedicated production areas: one reserved for the production of medicines and the other devoted to the production of food supplements.

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Don't take intestinal problems along for the trip


Summer, travel and holidays abroad often rhyme with intestinal problems. Whether it's diarrhoea, traveller's tummy, constipation, cramps or bloating, they can disrupt your stay and spoil the fun.

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