High-quality nutritional supplements

nutritional supplement – medication – doctor - standard- ethics- quality - confidence- efficacyIn the late 80s, when the development of nutritional supplements was still at an early stage, Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories revolutionised the sector by producing their very first nutritional supplement: Biolene Omega-3. Building on their experience with the strict requirements of the standards imposed by the pharmaceutical sector, they started manufacturing this new product in full compliance with the applicable regulations. Their aim was to guarantee quality and efficacy.

Individual production in two zones

Of course, in the course of time, as the market became increasingly bigger, other nutritional supplements were added to their range. As a result, Trenker became the leading supplier in the ‘joint care’ or joint support sector in the noughties and, as of 2015, market leader in the hair growth sector.

These achievements are inextricably linked to our know-how and the continuous improvements carried out in our laboratories to help us ensure the best quality as our production increases. Trenker’s separate ‘Medication’ and ‘Nutritional supplements’ production zones both comply with the strictest European manufacturing standards: the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards for medication and the HACCP (Hazard Analysis - Critical Control Point) standards, which apply specifically to nutritional supplements.  Each of these production zones has its own air conditioning, compressed air and purified water installations. Even the finest details of the manufacturing stations in these two zones comply with the strictest standards. The same hygiene rules, good manufacturing practices and good documentation practices are to be observed by the operators of both zones.

Trenker only partners with qualified suppliers. This also applies to their nutritional supplement production. Raw material suppliers are selected based on meticulous research in conjunction with strict quality control and traceability based on the regulations in force. Trenker has a GMP-certified quality control laboratory for this purpose.

High-end nutritional supplements

 “Our laboratory has chosen to embark on the path of nutritional supplements with ethics in mind. Our priority is to develop innovative solutions with a high added value for both consumers and health professionals. By means of proactive and science-based research, Trenker Laboratories was able to develop innovative and effective products, which have since contributed to the success of our business.

First and foremost, we want to supply doctors and pharmacists with high- (or even higher) quality nutritional supplements at an affordable price for consumers. We therefore visit GPs and specialists with our nutritional supplements as we do with our medication. Our aim is to support our doctors until they are fully confident that our nutritional supplements are the best choice for their patients.” Ellen De Smul, Quality Assurance Director.