New product for Trenker

Next generation magnesium

Magnesis TRENKER contains a next generation magnesium, combining a good concentration in magnesium, exceptional bio-availability and excellent tolerance.

Magnesis TRENKER combines the effectiveness of liposomal magnesium with all vitamin B’s in a natural form. They are going to act in synergy for a more complete action which will enable helping to:

  • Reducing tiredness¹.
  • Normal mental performance (resistance to stress)².
  • Normal muscle function, including the heart¹.
  • Normal nerve function¹.
  • Maintaining healthy bones¹.
  • Growth of maternal tissue during pregnancy³.
  • Maintaining a healthy immune system4.

More information

¹ Magnesium helps to reduce tiredness, nervous system function (nerve transmission), maintaining healthy bones, normal muscle function (muscle contraction).

² Vitamin B5 helps to regain normal mental performance. Vitamin B5 plays a role in all cells including the brain and nerve cells.

³ Vitamin B9 helps with maternal tissue growth during pregnancy.

4 Vitamin B6 helps with immune system function.

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