Our philosophy

Highly qualitative pharmaceuticals and food supplements …

Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories produce and continously expand an original products range to be in adequation with the pharmacists’, the doctors’ and users’ expectation.




TRENKER LABORATORIES were founded in 1933 by Rodolphe Henry Trenker and have enjoyed an enviable brand image within the Belgian medical profession from the outset.



High-perfomance and state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified employees and dynamic management make Trenker Laboratories a partner you can trust.

Nutritional medicine demands products which are 100% reliable. This is why we believe that, although food supplements are not medicines, they should nonetheless be manufactured and tested with the same rigour.
The Orthonat laboratories are a part of the TRENKER pharmaceutical group. They provide an absolute guarantee to each consumer who is concerned about his or her health. And this applies to the quality of the ingredients that are used, their purity, their analysis and traceability, as well as to the observance of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations, the standard that applies to the pharmaceutical industry. 
Our products
  • Mentalis Trenker
    Food supplement
  • AQtif 10
    Food supplement
  • Alline proderm
    Food supplement
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