Why choose Trenker products ?

There have never been so many products on the market as there are today. So how should you choose? This is the question which consumers are always asking themselves, especially when it comes to their health or wellbeing. That is why Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories are giving you a ten-point breakdown of what they bring to food supplements.

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This has been a fundamental value at the laboratory since 1933. Trenker applies the same level of rigour producing food supplements as it does medication and meets the highest standards (GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices, for medication and HACCP, Hazard Analysis - Critical Control Point for food supplements). Thanks to its Quality Control and Assurance department, Trenker only works with certified suppliers, selected through a meticulous research process, in combination with strict quality control and traceability procedures. The aim: to deliver exceptionally high-quality end products to the market. 


Since 1933, Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories has put all its pharmaceutical expertise at the service of developing innovative products. In the 1980s, Trenker entered the food supplements market and has never stopped raising the bar since, in particular in the joint care and hair growth sectors.


Since 1933, three generations of the Trenker family have invested in the company with conviction, passion and dynamism. One after another, they have worked to develop the company. Their shared ambition: to reward the trust of consumers by supplying effective products with guaranteed traceability. Indeed, Trenker products are each given a unique serial number. This system prevents counterfeits and delivers optimal traceability for different products on the market.

Partnerships with healthcare professionals

Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories has always worked in close collaboration with healthcare professionals to put in place the right support and advice for the job. The company applies this principle in every country where it is active.


Strong family values

For three generations, the Trenker adventure has been kept within the same family and remained true to some fundamental values: ethics, reliability, passion, team spirit and quality. The third generation took over the company in 2004, when Rodolphe Trenker became General Manager.

Local production

Faithful to our Belgian roots, Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories chose to locate their site in Nivelles, investing 15 million euros in building and equipping a new, 6,000 m2 production unit in 2017. An additional twenty employees were hired, showing the company’s commitment to Belgium and the local economy.


Environmental and social responsibility

The company takes its environmental responsibilities seriously: the new site is 100% green (with no gas or fuel oil used). It contains 552 solar panels which cover 13.8% of the company’s electricity consumption. An eco-team made up of eleven Trenker employees has also been put in place and is working to optimise production processes and the use of resources.

Based in Belgium

We are proud to be able to say we oversee all the stages of production in Belgium. From the initial design to packaging the end product, everything is centralised in our factory in Nivelles thanks to our team of Belgian employees.

A hi-tech environment

Since we moved to the Nivelles site, new hi-tech equipment has been set up in our production zone. Thanks to this equipment, Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories has overseen the automated production of over 600,000 capsules and over 700 kg of tablets a day. This corresponds to over 100 million capsules and tablets a year. In addition to these functions, our machines are used to detect metals, apply coating to tablets and control weight. Tablets are also tested for crumbling, dissolving, thickness and solidity.

Valuing people

The Trenker family has always done whatever it takes to put people first. This can be seen in the partnership between Trenker and the Pink Ribbon charitable organisation. Different projects were carried out over the course of two years to fight breast cancer. Find out more about this project in this article.



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