Weight loss after the holidays

woman- detox-dietary supplement-positivity Has the Christmas spirit added extra pounds onto your scale? Take action right away and lose that excess weight. Get back on track, burn calories with increased physical activity, and start eating healthy, well-balanced meals again. To make the first few days a little easier and boost your weight loss, drink Camellia sinensis tea. 

No more overeating. Time for detox. 

What’s on the menu for the next few weeks? A lot of water; high-fibre foods, plain yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables (raw, cooked, soups, salads, etc.), poultry, fish… and no alcohol. The aim is to eliminate toxins, boost your digestive system and tone your figure. To make sure the numbers on your scale keep going down, take a Camellia sinensis standardised extract dietary supplement, such as Exilis, for extra help. Each capsule contains 400 mg (equivalent to 4 cups of green or black tea). 

Why tea? 

Known for its beneficial properties, tea has been used  for thousands of years in China due to Its particularly attractive components, such as caffeine and theaflavins (antioxidant polyphenols). Tea is traditionally used to boost weight loss as a supplement to an appropriate dietary plan. It is important to drink tea regularly in order to reap its benefits!  

An after-the-holidays programme  

Regular and enduring consumption of tea with Camellia sinensis standardised extract (1 capsule every morning or early afternoon, with water), combined with a healthy and well-balanced dietary programme and regular physical activity (fitness, cycling, walking, jogging, swimming, etc.): a great way to get back into shape and gain control of your weight!  

Want to rapidly lose those Christmas pounds and keep them off? Enjoy the beneficial properties of tea in the Exilis dietary supplement.