Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories support Pink Ribbon in the fight against breast cancer

As Pink Ribbon partners, Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories supports the fight against breast cancer. With 87 years of experience, this 100% Belgian family business produces high-quality food supplements, medicines and medical devices for the whole family.

Since 2018, Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories have developed numerous projects with the Pink Ribbon organisation, recognised worldwide in the fight against breast cancer.

Why are we supporting Pink Ribbon?

"Our goal is to honour the women who face this disease. This is a daily battle we must fight together." (Rodolphe Trenker General Manager)

"At Trenker Pharmaceuticals, more than half of our in-house employees and 90% of our reps are women. Knowing that 1 in 9 women in Belgium will contract breast cancer during her lifetime, I think it’s essential to encourage dialogue on the prevention and screening of this disease, both within our company and with our external partners and customers.”




What initiatives have we put in place?

"Quality and humanity are two of the integral values of our family business. This is why, in partnership with Pink Ribbon, we organise:

  • Pink Mondays, internal prevention sessions for our employees
  • The Pink Walk, our employees are asked to take 10,000 steps a day for a month
  • Wearing Pink Ribbons and distributing them to our partner physicians and pharmacists
  • The “Coupe de Cœur” campaign. This year we have also decided to launch a limited pink edition of our hair growth food supplement, Alline Procap." This limited edition is available between September and December 2020 in pharmacies and health and beauty retailers, both in-store and online. Find out more information here

*The photos available in this article were taken before the emergence of Covid-19*

About the "Coupe de Cœur " campaign

October is International Breast Cancer Month. To show your support for all the women affected by this disease, the "Coupe de cœur" campaign, organised by Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories in partnership with Pink Ribbon, invites anyone to donate their hair (as long as it’s a minimum of 25 cm in length) to help women keep their femininity. By taking part you are contributing to the dual objective of this new campaign:

  • Making high-quality wigs that women with breast cancer can buy at an affordable price (20% discount)
  • Contributing to funding the purchase of cold caps in Belgian hospitals with money collected from the sale of wigs

To thank you for your gesture, Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories are offering every woman a box of 30 capsules of the Alline Procap food supplement, which promotes hair growth¹, volume and shine.

 How can I take part? How do I know if my hair is in the right condition to donate? How do I receive my free box of Alline Procap, 30 capsules? Find all the answers here

1Zinc helps maintain normal hair and aids the synthesis of proteins (including keratin).