Trenker March

The employees of Laboratoires Trenker organised their own Pink March, held during the lunch break. The aim: to support the fight against breast cancer and promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The march in images.

Those who were in the area of the Nivelles industrial park on Tuesday 21 May may have noticed something: a crowd of 65 Laboratoires Trenker employees, strolling through the fields adorned with signs and pink accessories.

“Support the fight against breast cancer,” some of the signs read. Indeed, 1 cancer in 3 could be avoided by adopting a balanced and healthy lifestyle1. The aim of this event was therefore to encourage employees to move more at their workplace.

Arranged in collaboration with Pink Ribbon, an organisation fighting breast cancer and encouraging prevention and screening, this initiative was undertaken with a great deal of enthusiasm: the participants covered 3 kilometres at a good pace and were thrilled to participate in the event. The march in images.

1 According to a study of the International Agency for Research on Cancer published in 2015.