How to relieve colic of your baby?

colicYour baby cries constantly and seems inconsolable? He may be suffering from the well-known infantile colic! Wondering how to relieve and calm him? Find some useful tips and tricks in this article!

What is colic?

Your baby inhales air with every meal, whether being breastfed or bottle-fed. In some newborn infants, the air is not eliminated properly and accumulates in the digestive tract in the form of small air bubbles. The build-up of air can then lead to painful cramps for the baby , characterized by uncontrolled and unexplained crying, often happening just after meals.

How to recognize colic?

  • Your baby is crying a lot, especially in the evening after meals

  • Your baby has trouble burping after eating

  • Your baby regurgitates a lot after meals

  • Your baby has a hard or swollen stomach

  • Diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, temperature, and blood in the stool are not symptoms of colic. Pleasecontact your doctor or pharmacist directly.

How to treat colic?

  • A gentle belly massage can help relieve the baby in case of cramps or colic

  • Make sure your baby burps well after each meal

  • Speak quietly and do not hesitate to sing: music calms babies

  • Cuddle your child: body contact makes it easier for the baby to calm down

  • Taking medical devices like Imutis Colic containing simeticone helps eliminate the air bubbles that cause colic. Learn more about this product :Imutis Colic

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