The journal of an intern at Trenker : part 2

6 weeks after my first day of internship

After one month and a half of internship at Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories, I decided to write a second article on my career and my integration into the company.

What were my tasks?

After my return from the trade show in Dubai, the different tasks performed for the export department were diverse. First, I followed up on this business trip by classifying all the files by origin and filing all the information collected during this trade show. As I said in my previous article, this exhibition was a success for Trenker Laboratories thanks to the objectives achieved (find this article by clicking here).

Then, I also translated and summarized several long documents concerning product registration in Saudi Arabia and PowerPoint presentations from French into English. I also had the opportunity to work in other departments, including the marketing department in which I did an analysis of the competition in Belgium.

In addition, I participated in a mandatory training given to all employees to familiarize myself with the safety instructions within the Trenker building.

What do I remember from these 6 weeks of work?

The visit of the production of Trenker Laboratories!

It was very interesting to see that there are two parts, one part reserved for drugs and the other for nutrients. Indeed, Trenker Laboratories are present at each stage of the production. The raw material arrives and follows a transformation process to manufacture medicines on the one hand, and food supplements on the other hand. The process is carried out by highly innovative machines that comply with very strict European quality standards.

Here is a short video made within the production.

After a month and a half of internship, I can say that I have acquired new experience in the field of work.