Our natural solutions for boosting your immune system*

Over the winter period, our immune systems need a boost. With the onset of winter, the cold weather makes our immune responses more sluggish. That’s why it’s so important to take care of our bodies’ natural defences: so they can keep on playing their vital role.

Wat is immunity ?

Immunity refers to the human body’s ability to defend itself against harmful micro-organisms (bacteria, parasites, viruses) to remain healthy.

  1. Regular physical activity
  2. Good quality sleep
  3. A healthy and balanced diet

These are the three basic recommendations for maintaining a strong immune system.

Taking food supplements can also help you achieve this.

What are the natural solutions for boosting your immune system ?

Vitamin C.

Vitamin C for your body’s natural defences1.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin which is naturally present in the human body. It plays a number of different roles:

  • It is an integral part of the immune system.
  • It contributes to protecting cells from oxidative stress.
  • It plays a part in energy metabolism, helping to reduce tiredness.
  • It is involved in iron metabolism - helping the body to absorb iron.

It is vital to provide for daily Vitamin C needs because this nutrient is involved in a whole range of physiological processes. How can you do this? By drawing vitamin C from key foods (citrus fruits, red berries, kiwis, peppers, fennel, parsley, potatoes, etc.). The recommended daily amount is around 80 mg/day for adults.

Anyone not regularly eating foods which contain vitamin C should take a vitamin C dietary supplement to ensure they are getting their recommended daily intake.

Vitamine C500 Trenker is a delicious, cherry-flavoured food supplement. Capsules can be sucked or chewed.

Composition for each dose* (2 capsules):

1,000 mg vitamin C (1,250% RI, 566 mg sodium L-ascorbate and 500 mg L-ascorbic acid).

* Maximum recommended daily dose.

Use: 1 or 2 capsules per day

Where can you find Vitamine C500 Trenker ?

It is available in pharmacies, health stores and online (NewpharmaFarmaline, Viata, etc.)


La vitamine D.

Vitamin D to regulate your immune function2.

Vitamin D, D3, or≪ cholecalciferol ≫ to scientists is a fat-soluble vitamin which performs a range of functions.

Also known as the “sunshine” vitamin, it contributes to maintaining a healthy immune system. But it also does more! 

  • It contributes to maintaining good bone health.
  • It contributes to maintaining proper muscle function.

If one of your priorities is to ensure you meet your daily vitamin D nutritional requirements, it is important to include certain foods in your diet such a cod liver oil, salmon, herring or dark chocolate. These foods mainly include fatty fish and oils.

Furthermore, a vitamin D supplement may be useful in the event of a deficiency, in particular at times of year when there are fewer hours of sunlight, such as autumn and winter.


Vitamine D6000 Trenker is a food supplement which contains a high dose of vitamin D3. The coated tablets can be broken into two, so it is easy to get the recommended daily intake of 3,000 IU.

Composition for each dose* (half tablet = 3,000 IU):

75 mcg of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol, 1,500% RI).

* Maximum recommended daily dose.

Use: Half a tablet per day 

Where can you find Vitamine D6000 Trenker ? It is available in pharmacies, health stores and online (Here)



FOOD SUPPLEMENT - Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Not a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

1Vitamin C contributes to maintaining a healthy immune system and protecting cells from oxidative stress.
2Vitamin D contributes to a healthy immune system.