Our company:

An innovative and widely recognized company, particularly in the hair and joint care fields, the Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories develop high added value medicinal products, food supplements and medical devices.

From the initial design on paper through to the packaging for the finished product, the Trenker Laboratories handle all stages in the manufacturing process for their products in their new factory at Nivelles. This new factory was built to comply with the strictest European manufacturing standards.

This 100% Belgian family company employs around a hundred enthusiastic staff and has remained independent from any group since it was founded back in 1933. It is today expanding its business internationally.

The current vacancy:

The successful candidate will hold the post of Product Manager and will have Marketing responsibilities for one of the company’s flagship product ranges. He/she will manage all aspects of this range, from drawing up sales forecasts and budgets through to quantified and statistical analyses, in addition to organizing campaigns and designing all material required for communication, promotional and sales purposes regarding the products. This post is based in a dynamic and fast-growing marketing department, with the successful applicant reporting to the Marketing Manager.

Your duties in this post will chiefly be as follows:

  • Preparing the annual budget and assigning it to the different products;
  • Developing and implementing Marketing strategies for each product/range and communicating these to the sales team.
  • Taking part to develop and implement communication campaigns intended for the general public
  • Performing market research for the products;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the Marketing strategy in the field and analyzing the ROI;
  • Analyzing and tracking market trends: IMS data, feedback from in the field, literature, etc.;
  • Preparing sales forecasts and sample volume forecasts;
  • Designing, assessing, analyzing and adapting the “sales team” Marketing material (Detail-aid, leaflet, planning schedule, calendar, scientific pack, catalogues, FAQs, info sheets, display, etc.);
  • Producing and dispensing product-related training and managing Cycle meetings with the sales staff; 
  • Negotiation, production, monitoring and ROI analysis of the “general public” Marketing material (website, advertising, on-line campaigns, etc.);
  • Scientific and Marketing monitoring among the salesforce and clients (answering questions, providing explanations, adapting material, etc.);
  • Organization of and participation in seminars and conferences (from registration to on-site presence);
  • Developing partnerships with KOL’s;
  • Handling product launches: meetings, communications and managing the various materials and aids issued to representatives, etc.;
  • Contact with the product suppliers: new products on the market, research, products, etc.;

To succeed in this post, we consider it vital that you should be:

  • Trilingual (Dutch native, French and English)
  • Holder of a Bachelor’s or a Master degree in Marketing / Communication / Science
  • “Hands on” and skilled at tracking projects
  • At ease with figures and data

...and that you possess the following:

  • In-depth knowledge in fields related to our products
  • Good writing skills
  • Experience (+-3 years) in the marketing field of the OTC market.
  • IT skills (MS Office programs)
  • Analytical skills
  • Advanced communication and presentation skills

But also that you…

  • Serve as a role model and a resource for others in promoting open, honest and cooperative relationships within the organization;
  • Display solid organizational and time management skills, multitasking efficiently and meeting commitments within the required deadlines;
  • Take the initiative, operating proactively, enthusiastically and creatively;
  • Have an open mind, with an ability to adopt a helicopter view and brand-level strategies;
  • Are able to communicate effectively at all levels, both internally and externally.

If you have any of the following assets, these would also be very welcome:

  • Experience as a medical-pharmaceutical sales representative;
  • Training or a qualification in a scientific field

If we are growing, it’s because we can attract the best people. We do this by proposing an outstanding remuneration package:

  • A modern and dynamic working environment in an SME;
  • (no slow and cumbersome organizational structure, no dependency on faceless, far away parent companies, but instead professionalism and a solid, stable and dynamic company structure)
  • A high-growth company and products;
  • An easily accessible work area in terms of layout and space within the company. But sometimes also the possibility to work in a cozier and more familiar setting: at home!
  • A genuinely different and attractive remuneration package, with well-designed benefits tailored to your situation and to the added value you generate;

In short:

  • A permanent, full-time job;
  • A competitive package;
  • An attractive salary;
  • Variable, results-based remuneration linked to a cafeteria plan;
  • Frequent teleworking and flexitime;
  • Meal vouchers;
  • Hospitalization insurance;
  • Group insurance;
  • An iPad, a PC & a smartphone;
  • A personalized vehicle (XC-40, Q4, Mach-e,...) & electric charging included;
  • And more too, which you’ll discover and experience in the company…


The personal data communicated in order to apply for this job offer, and whatever the channel or means used, will only be processed within the company and in Belgium. In the legitimate interest of Trenker pharmaceutical laboratories and the candidate, it will be kept for a period of 3 years (in case of non-recruitment).

...Nevertheless, we hope our good respect of the GDPR terms will not stop you from sending us your proposals for collaboration!

These can be sent as from today, according to your inspiration, to the following email address: jobs@trenker.be using the email subject "PRODUCT MANAGER 2022".