New look for Mentalis Stress

Have you noticed?

Mentalis Stress changed its packaging in May 2020 for a cleaner and more modern look. But its formula remains unchanged and as effective as ever!  

nouveau look mentalis stressThis natural dietary supplement based on ashwagandha, liposomal magnesium, all B vitamins and super oxide dismutase (a naturally-occurring molecule extracted from a variety of melon) helps you to keep stress under control and maintain your physical and mental capabilities when suffering fatigue in your professional or personal life.1-2-3

Find out more about this food supplement and its proven effectiveness.

Many students are stressed at this time of year. Overloaded with information to memorise, hours spent concentrating, short nights and exams, it's hard to cope with fatigue and manage stress. What can you do to break this vicious cycle and avoid stress?  

Tips and tricks against stress and fatigue.



1 Whitania somnifera L. extract helps the body to manage stress and contributes to maintaining physical and mental capabilities when fatigued.

2 Magnesium helps to reduce fatigue, support the normal functioning of the nervous system, maintain normal bone structure and muscle function.

3 Vitamin B5 contributes to normal intellectual performance.