Mobilityl Max, the new food supplement for your joints*


Have you always enjoyed being active? Who says you have to stop? Mobilityl Max is a natural food supplement that helps maintain joint flexibility1.

To stay in top shape, it is recommended to maintain your mobility and autonomy by doing lots of activities such as outings with friends or family, travelling, or sports. The goal? To develop toned muscles that protect the joints and limit the risk of wear and tear.

A balanced lifestyle is also recommended to give your joints everything they need for daily life. So you can stay active like before, as if nothing had changed. Taking the food supplement Mobilityl Max can help you in this process by improving joint mobility by 98%2.





An all-in-one food supplement

For this new formula, Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories has combined deep-acting natural ingredients that respect the body’s well-being. For Mobilityl Max, turmeric is combined with three plant extracts. All have a beneficial action on the joints:

  • 588.75 mg of Curcuma longa extract to ensure a significant improvement in joint flexibility as per a scientific study from 20193
  • 50 mg Boswellia serrata extract to support joint comfort4
  • 61.25 mg of Kaempferia galanga extract for its various benefits recognised in traditional Chinese medicine
  • 50 mg of black pepper oil to minimise joint discomfort
  • And 13.2 mg of vitamin C for its targeted effectiveness on cartilage5

A formula studied following to the strictest standards

In addition to being a complete food supplement that combines several fields of action specific to joint function (cartilage, mobility and joint flexibility), Mobilityl Max meets the recommendations of the most recent scientific studies and was developed in compliance with the strictest quality standards in place at Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories in Nivelles, Belgium.

With its unique composition, it is the result of a great deal of research and has taken its place in the Mobilityl range thanks to three key advantages:

  More complete: in addition to including vitamin C, its turmeric-based composition is combined with three plant extracts (Boswellia serrata, Kaempferia galanga, and black pepper oil).

 More efficient: joint mobility increased by 98%2.

 Simpler: just one tablet a day is enough to keep your joints in top shape.

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1 Turmeric extract helps maintain joint flexibility.
2 Amalraj A. et al., 2019
3 Amalraj A. et al., 2019 Evaluation based on a decrease in CRPs.  

4 Boswellia Serrata extract helps maintain joint flexibility.

Vitamin C contributes to the normal formation of collagen for normal cartilage function.