Mobilityl: a new campaign with ... David Goffin!

Trenker Laboratories innovate and launch their first consumer campaign for Mobilityl. The face of this campaign? David Goffin! This famous Belgian athlete tells us why he chose Mobilityl:

"With Mobilityl, I chose a natural and effective curcumin.
Only the best for my joints! "

Mobilityl is a dietary supplement containing 500 mg of bioavailable Curcuma longa L extract (per capsule) for joints in shape!

Intense sporting activity, physical labour, excess body weight or a past accident can affect the joints. It is therefore absolutely essential to optimally and sustainably maintain your joints during domestic and professional activities and in your leisure time.

A product with Curcuma?

Turmeric rhizome extract has traditionally been used in Asia, and more specifically India, for its multiple benefits. Several international studies have demonstrated its significance in the field of joint function. 

Mobilityl contains the highly valued Curcuma extract BCM-95®. It contains all the curcuminoids and essential oils extracted from the rhizome. 

What are the advantages?

  • Natural

Mobilityl contains 100% pure extract of Curcuma longa L. It combines the 3 curcuminoids and essential oils which can be found in the rhizome. As a result, the product has an extremely high bioavailability of 693%.

  • Proven effectiveness

The effectiveness and tolerance of Mobilityl has been proven in many scientific studies. The results show that mobility is improved in 93% of users **.

  • Without side effects

Mobilityl is well tolerated without digestive complications.

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