Exams: a helping hand for your memory

exams - student - gingko biloba - thesis - ginseng - vitamin E - food supplement - selenium - panax ginsengDo you struggle to concentrate, to focus? Are you petrified with stress or in need of calm? When the exams roll round, students all share the same anxieties and fear memory lapses in particular... But there are a few key things you can do to keep your memory in fighting form: take regular breaks with fresh air, eat healthily and get a good night's sleep. Dietary supplements like Memovital based on gingko biloba and panax ginseng can also give a boost to do your revision in complete serenity1,2,3,4

Supporting your brain

To study well you need good cognitive functions, capabilities that only your brain can unlock, enabling you to understand, reflect, analyse, learn, memorise, reproduce and accumulate knowledge. All of these functions are in high demand during exams. To keep up, it is essential to protect the body against free radicals5. Fortunately, some plants, such as gingko biloba2 and panax ginseng3 can support cognitive functions.

Helper plants

Nature is full of solutions to help our bodies cope with all the stresses life throws at us. During exam time, the goal is to help students to concentrate well and maintain an optimal mental and physical balance throughout memorisation and reproduction.

Native to southern China, gingko biloba is known for its multiple benefits, particularly in terms of mental well-being1,2. Its leaves are famous both for their characteristic shape and their richness in active ingredients (flavonol glycosides and terpene lactones) that stimulate memory. Standardised extracts of gingko biloba, widely studied throughout the world, are a benchmark and are used in the composition of quality food supplements.

Panax ginseng root is also used to treat temporary fatigue4 thanks to its ginsenosides, active ingredients that help promote physical and intellectual vitality and focus.

Extra antioxidants

Placing intense demand on our cognitive functions can lead to a significant release of free radicals (oxidative stress), which is why it is important to limit their impact insofar as possible, for example by consuming nutrients containing antioxidants such as selenium or vitamin E5

It is also worth considering a complete and well-dosed dietary supplement such as Memovital1,2 whose active ingredients help support memory and concentration during revisions and exams.

Just one tablet a day (in the morning or at noon), it is easy for students to fit this supplement into their day.

1Ginkgo biloba helps maintain mental well-being.

2Ginkgo biloba helps to support memory and preserve cognitive functions.

3Panax ginseng root helps to promote physical and intellectual vitality, focus and cognitive functions.

4Panax ginseng root is particularly useful in the event of temporary fatigue.

5Vitamin E and selenium help to protect cells from free radicals.