Beautiful hair? We tested vitamins and keratin!

A great many of us associate autumn with hair loss.

It is a known fact: when the seasons change, our hair can tend to become thinner and lack vitality and temporarily start falling out. This natural phenomenon is aggravated by stress, temporary fatigue, the aggressive rays of the sun in summer and swimming in the sea.

Diet is of crucial importance!

Our hair reflects the state of our lifestyle and having beautiful hair is closely connected to our daily diet. Just like the cells in our body, hair needs fuel. A varied and balanced diet will give it a beautiful glow.

To stock up on vitamins, you should prioritise vitality cocktails made with fruit and vegetables.

  • Fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, beta-carotene and minerals.
  • Vegetables are also an excellent source of vitamins A, B, C and E.
  • You should also give preference to whole grains that are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. They can be found in bread, pasta and rice.


Ensuring a sufficient intake of proteins that are an important source of amino acids is extremely important for beautiful hair. On the menu: lean meat, eggs, fish and poultry.

Boost your hair condition with a dietary supplement

If, in spite of having a balanced and complete diet with vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein, your hair does not have the desired strength and sheen, then a dietary supplement can give you the boost you need for strong, shiny hair.

This dietary supplement, rich in active substances (vitamins, minerals such as zinc, trace elements, amino acids, etc.), helps maintain normal hair and promote hair growth*.

The major advantage of keratin

It’s everywhere you look today. It is omnipresent and on the lips of all hair professionals: keratin is the latest rage in hair salons.

But what is keratin? It is a protein that makes up 95% of our hair and that is also present in our nails and skin. It is produced by keratinocytes, cells that are located in the basal layer of the skin within hair follicles, and contains 18 amino acids. All these amino acids are essential for promoting hair growth and vitality.

Although we are familiar with the keratin found in shampoos, masks or for use in Brazilian straightening treatments, a hair revolution started up a few years ago: a dietary supplement with pure and natural keratin.

The secret of this high-end food supplement?

The combination of vitamins and minerals with keratin in an innovative format, bioavailable and water soluble, so that it can be assimilated by the body. 100% natural keratin nourishes the hair from the roots thanks to the presence of a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and all the amino acids essential for hair strength and growth.









*Zinc plays an active role in the synthesis of proteins (such as keratin) and the maintenance of normal hair.