Camellia sinensis Extract

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The tea plant is widely cultivated for its leaves, once dried and more or less oxidized, are used in the preparation of tea infusion.

In China, tea is used as beneficial infusion and as a fermented condiment for over 4000 years.

It was long believed that black and green teas come from different plants:
they are made from the same species, but black tea is fermented.


The tea plant is a shrub native to the Far East, the family Theaceae. 

Green tea and black tea both contain caffeine and polyphenols. However, polyphenols in green tea, catechins, are not the same as those contained in black tea: the theoflavines. 


Exilis contains standardized and highly concentrated extract of Camellia sinensis (black tea). 

A similar effect through the drinking of tea would only be possible through large amounts of tea daily. Therefore we propose Exilis which contains a tea extract significantly more concentrated in caffeine (20% instead of 1 to 4%).


Box of 60 film-coated tablets. 

Each tablet contains

400 mg standardized dry extract of Camellia sinensis.



1 tablet in the morning or in the early afternoon, with a little water. 

As a precaution, Exilis is unsuitable for pregnant and nursing women.


Notification number: PL 21/2

Food supplement • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.